PT. EUROPA TEKNIK LESTARI is a company engaged in the sale of plastic welding machines (Plastic Welding) and Air Heater for various needs of your industry.

Our company is a Sole Distributor from LEISTER Switzerland to market various Plastic Welding machines in Indonesia. Since 2007 we have won the trust of the manufacturer to provide service sales unit and spare parts and service to consumers in Indonesia. Trust provided to us with full technical support, original spare parts and regular training by LEISTER as a manufacturer.


We provide various machine tools; Wedger Welder, Extrusion Welder and Hand Tools for the needs of them;

- Civil Engineering (Shrimp farm, Water pond, Landfill, etc.)

- Plastic Fabrication (making Tank, boat, etc)

- Industrial Fabric (Billboard, Truck Cover, etc)

- Roofing system

- Flooring system

- Automotive


We also provide various kinds of Air Heater and blower to improve your industry efficiency. Example ;

- Packaging Industry

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Textile industry

- Food and Beverage Industry

- and various other heat process applications

We have a Marketing team and technicians who are ready to provide the best service to consumers throughout Indonesia. With the commitment to provide the best for consumers, including the best products, reasonable prices and good service, we will continue to learn and receive feedback to improve the company's performance to be more trustworthy.